The Upper West Side Coalition was formed in 2021 when a dozen block associations came together to create an umbrella organization to help community groups form and thrive. Block Associations unite neighbors to beautify our blocks, solve local issues and support programs like composting and recycling. We recognize that we all benefit from diverse and inclusive neighborhoods and we are committed to creating an open and welcoming environment for all members of the community. The more we connect with each other, the stronger we will be.

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UWS Coalition Update: Fall 2022

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Sanitation Forum Replay
In case you missed our Sept. 21 forum with DSNY Commissioner Jessica Tisch, you can listen to the replay on our YouTube channel at: .

Commissioner Tisch shared key accomplishments serving our neighborhood since she assumed office in April, including increased litter basket service and trash collection, and the impact that installing GPS technology in mechanical brooms has had on street cleaning. She spent the remaining time answering questions about composting, rat infestations, containerization, and much more during the hour-long forum.

Commissioner Tisch also expressed a commitment to coordinated collaboration with block associations and community groups, which she views as key stakeholders in the fight to keep our city streets clean. For our part, the UWS Coalition commits to keeping you informed of DSNY's progress, activities, and strategies to engage citizens through our Twitter feed (see right) and newsletter, which you can subscribe to by clicking on the button below to send an email asking to be added to our distribution list.