NYPD Outreach

NYPD's Community Affairs Bureau sponsors community-related programs for creating a dialogue and building trust between NYPD officers and the public. The public can actively engage with NYPD's community affairs programs by participating in neighborhood meetings, attending outreach events, and joining local community boards. These initiatives provide opportunities for residents to voice concerns and collaborate with law enforcement to enhance safety and build trust within their communities. Read on for more information.

Build the Block Neighborhood Safety Meetings

NYPD Build the Block meetings are strategy sessions between local police officers and the people they serve. The meetings have two simple goals: identify the public safety challenges of a specific neighborhood and discuss potential solutions. Check out this link for more information about Build the Block meetings. By clicking on the precinct you can find contact information for the officers that patrol each sector.

Community Council Meetings

NYPD Community Councils play an integral role as conduits of information between the police, community residents, and local business owners. The Councils are led by volunteers who preside over monthly meetings focused on improving public safety, quality of life, and police-community relations. These meetings are open to all community stakeholders and are typically held in local precinct houses. It's best to call in advance to confirm the date and location for that month's meeting.

NYPD Crime Statistics

NYPD provides weekly reports of crime-related statistics in seven major crime categories at the citywide, borough, and precinct levels. Click these links to download your local precinct's stats as PDF and Excel files.